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The Call to Watchman Warriors 4 Revival

Australia, NZ & Sth. Pacific

NOW is the time for fulfilment of Smith Wigglesworth’s prophecy over Australia, NZ & the Pacific Islands (Melanesia and Polynesia).

The prophecy was that the last great revival across the earth would begin from Australia and the islands and spread across the globe. He said this revival would begin and not end!!

In order to fulfil this vision The Lord instructed us to raise up an army of prayer warriors devoted to keeping watch over the Pacific and advancing the Kingdom in revival power.

We meet on-line as a prayer team called -

Watchman Warriors for Revival.

We also have a facebook page - Watchman Warriors 4 Revival

As we move into 2024 the passion and vision to raise up prayer warriors across the Great South Lands of the Holy Spirit has not wained in our hearts.


If you would like to join us for online prayer please e-mail us at or message us on our Facebook page

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A Call to the Watchman in 2024

February 15, 20242 min read

A Call to the Watchman in 2024

I saw a futuristic scene of a governing body that looked much like the ‘Star Wars,’ Intergalactic Council.
Members in this council represent their planets, governing together from a futuristic place in space.
The Lord encouraged me it was a futuristic picture for a futuristic time.

I believe that God is calling His watchman to come up higher and come together in His authority.

We are given authority to represent our spheres of influence and legislate in the heavens on behalf of the earth.

This is for those who will

take up your authority and rule in the midst of your enemies’. (Ps.110:1&2)

As part of this governing body we will need the wisdom and insight of heaven to legislate from the heavens into the earth.

In a vision I saw an angel with his foot on the land of Israel,  on the border of Israel and Gaza.

In scripture we see a similar angel  in Rev.10 standing across the land and the seas.

He is an angel with much authority that declares:’ No more delay!’
This has current implications for Israel right now in your prayers and declarations!

The angel then ultimately tells John to take a scroll and eat it and then He declares:


You must go back and prophecy again to many peoples, and nations, and languages and kings.

The time to prophecy is now!! The time to speak into our spheres of influence is now.
Take your seat in the heavens, hear the voice of the Lord, and legislate in the earth.

Rise up and take up your authority and rule from the heavens in the midst of your enemies. Take up your authority and legislate in the Spirit so that you rule in your homes, your schools, your  cities, states and nations. Declare in the heavens what you know heaven wants upon the earth!!

Legislating from the heavens involves decreeing and prophesying the word of the Lord to enforce the authority of the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth to see a shift and change!

There is a new strength being released to the watchman warriors and prophets. It is indeed a ‘no more delay’ time when the Lord will give you authority and anointing to prophecy to leadership, governments and nations.

Be equipped, joining with prophetic watchmen and companies of prophets to be accountable and positioned to release the word of the Lord and govern the heavens in your sphere of influence.

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Cheryl Lindley

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