ARC Global is a community of apostolic leaders & networks around the world with a 'new era' DNA


Watchman Prophet Summit        Saturday 22nd February

Prophetic Watchman Summit
 Adrian Beale & Cheryl Lindley
Prophetic Updates
Join us for ARC Global’s Passover Tour of Israel 6th – 17th April 2020 

Our ARC Global Community

AARC has become ARC Global. It’s much more than a name change… A monumental shift has taken place in the Spirit & in our international alignment and function.  We are no longer an Australian ARC but an International ARC.

On 8th November 2018, ARC Global was launched by the Holy Spirit in the presence of our Apostolic Community of apostles, prophets & watchmen to the nations . We believe a whole new level of international apostolic authority & apostolic influence has been released!
To God be the glory!

ARC Global  is an international community of Apostles & Prophets who seek to

  • Rise up in this new Apostolic era and wine skin
  • Walk together in strategic relationships in community
  • Build the kingdom of God together
  • Mobilise Prayer movements in Australia and the nations
  • Equip & send Apostolic & Prophetic teams to the nations 
  • Strategically transform nations together
  • Father emerging next generation apostles and prophets

5 Main Things

There are 5 main things that we do!

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