This is the First Step of entering into Alignment with ARC Global Apostolic Community
Our online video input will help you understand our new wineskin and enter into relationship with us. It will mentor you into the new Apostolic era & into your next level of Apostolic anointing.

Online Topics include:-

New Era Apostolic Wineskin - Apostolic, Prophetic DNA
Next Level Impartation
Helping you to emerge in your Apostolic/ Prophetic office
Equipping you to Equip & Send other emerging Apostles & Prophets
Aligning with ARC Global Apostolic Community

Here are the steps that you need to emerge as an Apostle or Prophet and enter into the ARC Global Apostolic Community. 

1. Watch each of the 8 New Wineskin & Emerging Apostles & Prophets Videos and Provide Feed back on each video

2. Read the eBook - “A Whole New Era – Emerging Apostles & Prophets Today” (Cost included in your fee and downloaded from the course site)

3. Email us your Feedback. 1st You need to interact with Each Video Session - Write 100 words for Each Video summarising what has been taught. 2nd We require a response to the E Book – List 5 major things God has taught you from the book. Email your responses to
4. Begin a Relationship Dialogue with us. We do everything out of relationship. And we do offer mentoring to help you to emerge in your office.
5. Along with mentoring and relationship you will be able to  S tep Relationship & Alignment with ARC Global.
Cost - $50 AUD includes eLessons, eBook, notes & mentoring.
As this is a next level opportunity for you in your emerging office of Apostle or Prophet, it includes all areas including breakthrough in prosperity for that new level. We want to stand with you in breaking through to a new levels of apostolic & prophetic authority. We are looking forward to walking in this emerging journey with you. Even though this may seem to be a little formal, past experience has taught us that is important to make sure people are ready to step up into the next level of their apostolic & prophetic office.
Much love & Blessings
Bruce Lindley
ARC Global Apostolic Community (ARC)

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